(GRIMES by $ART v2 Mars Eve 5/25/2021 TMFA r3 e12 E)
2nd TMFA Community Drop NFT Collaboration/ Version 2 Individual Tarot

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moon tarot card inspired by the notoriuos Grimes.
According to Waite’s The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, “The card represents life of the imagination apart from life of the spirit… Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, occult forces, error.
Grimes is leading us through the garden of fear.

Edition of 12 as part of a TMFA Community Drop
The Most Famous Artist Community
Inventory Number: TMFA0003Y21 /catalog: https://mfnd.org
GRIMES by $ART v2 Mars Eve 5/25/2021 TMFA r3 e12 E)
Version 2 individual moon tarot, version 3 individual sun tarot, , version 1 double tarot Matic/Polygon blockchain
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$ART coin is a social token built on rally.io.
$ART powers the TMFA Community economy.
$ART can be bought on rally.io or earned by participating in TMFA community.
$ART is a way to measure member participation and engagement.
The intention is $ART to be exchanged between community members to keep track of member participation and contributions.

Hi, I’m Mars,
I want to tweak your smile, and tweak your brain. I am an Artvangelist; art is good news!

I finally realized, its not about making money with art; its art becoming money. Art is the currency. The crypto-metaverse is upsidedown, everything is in flux, and the rules change daily. Innovation is mandatory. This also describes my brain- upsidedown & in flux; I am home!

Mars Eve (born Marshall Eve; February 14, 1971) is an American artist, cartoonist, and alchemist who is an oblique figure in the visual art movement known as POPaganda art. Born and raised in Texas, Mars visually interprets his Bible-belt environment through a surrealist lens.

For more info, contact me: [email protected]

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▤Mars Eve
Inventory Number
▤ GRIMES by $ART v2 Mars Eve 5/25/2021 TMFA r3 e12 E
Original Title
▤ GRIMES by $ART | moon tarot
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▤Edition of 12 as part of a TMFA Community Drop

▤$ART drops by @mars_eve
▤Digital art created by @mars_eve, as part of The Most Famous Artist Community

▤Digital | Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and LumaFusion / .mp4
▤12 @ .12 ETH