spiritual artist st. Mars Eve is currently manifesting.

<plz check back for updates>

OLD/PRE 2023??

Artist statement
I want to tweak your smile, and tweak your brain. I am an Artvangelist; art is good news!

I love arcade ghosts! I am a part of the Atari Generation(b. 1971). Like me, my avatar is an Unholy & Holy Spirit. Gotta watch out for those devilish ghosts!

The Ministry For Nefarious Design has always been my digital art sanctuary. Now MFND is a detailed inventory of my NFT artworks. I am also documenting my NFT journey.

I finally realized, its not about making money with art; its art becoming money. Art is the currency. The crypto-metaverse is upsidedown, everything is in flux, and the rules change daily. Innovation is mandatory. This also describes my brain- upsidedown & in flux; I am home!

I have sooo many ideas and projects laid out, including 30 years of prep; I feel like I was made for this. I am in talks about collabs. I am always looking for metaverse gallery opportunities. I am also working on a NFT artist interview site, and an experimental performance/conceptual biography project- its a mix of DADA and seflie culture.

DM me at @mfnd_org anywhere, or [email protected]

Cheers! Mars Eve