Experimenting with Art and AI, GPT Self Help, and My Art Career🧪

📅 November 6, 2023

📜 Abstract.

My first Labs post! Welcome to my new Labs. We are discussing the why, how, and what’s next for Mars Eve and his experiments with AI, and WTF is MFND?

1️⃣ Introduction

Yes, AI art has been around for a while, but with the invention of transformers, then diffusers, and now the multimodal aspects of text plus image plus audio plus everything… AI is its own medium of art. I will be discussing my role with this blog to research this idea—an experiment itself. Below, I will discuss what I am doing to explore this medium, and what is MFND? Join me!

2️⃣ Materials and Methods🧰

Today, this blog is the materials. MFND started off as Mars Foundation in the early 2000s. This has always been a domain that points to at least my archived works. Even in the post before, I had left my previous archiving examples. Previous research was focused on NFTs. Methodology? I’m not sure, but I’m also using GPT to help me parse through all this.

3️⃣ Results📊

Results already? I used GPT to help me come up with an outline for these blog posts based on scientific abstracts… It’s weird that ‘results’ are so high up in the blog, you think it would be at the bottom. Anyway, this is part of the research.

3.1 What is MFND?🤔

It started off as an abbreviation for Mars Foundation. At this point, I had bought the domain mfnd.org. The site then began to morph with every unique use of the acronym MFND. The majority of the time it has stood for the Ministry for Nefarious Design.

For this phase of research and development, MFND will, or could refer to any of them. It could be a unique acronym for each type of research I do. So, for instance, if I stick strictly with AI art for a post, it might stand for Multimodal’s Fine-Tuning Neural Design, or if it has to do with me talking about how to experiment with AI and spirituality, it could stand for Mars Esoteric….

3.2 Examples of the Kind of Research We Will Be Conducting:📑

  • PDF as Art.
  • AI as NOT just generative, BUT Transformative.
  • Affirmations- Prompting for Humans.
  • Art Career Roadmap. (I don’t even know how to make a map yet, I’m barely figuring out how to put gas in the car lol.)

3.3 Investor/Patron Access🗝️

If you are a current Mars collector, you will be invited to a private DM group on X where I will share even more in-depth on the crazy stuff I’m doing to build my art career. I will be giving away all my secrets and crazy ideas that will probably ruin your life also… If you’re interested, you can either purchase one of my NFTs, or I will eventually be creating a subscription on X, Substack, and Patreon.

4️⃣ Discussion💬

AI art is not just about wild imagery; it is a new medium in itself. I will be researching the open boundaries of AI art, and how it is shaping my art career, this blog, and the use of GPT as an external brain.

  • Why this blog this way?
    I am not just an image maker; I am a systems maker. I am also a mad scientist, disrupter, and frontiersman. This blog is an attempt to access or decode my creative black box/Pandora’s Box brain. Hopefully, this blog will be coherent! I am experimenting with how to use GPT to help edit this, without losing my voice, AND to help do post-analysis of my posts… like below!!

5️⃣ Analysis

5.1 Initial Text:

I dropped the initial text into GPT with this prompt: I am writing an AI art blog about my process. I am loosely structuring this on scientific papers. plz rewrite this ONLY to correct obvious misspellings and sentence structure, or coherence. please do not add or remove text unless it is necessary. Also design a pleasing markdown design for the text. please use corresponding emoji too for subsections. Do not rewrite the text, I just want it reformatted into a nice page design. Do not give me Markdown code. I just want to see the design, as if I was looking at the blog. & pls critique this blog post, I want to be a better writer with good coherence.

5.2 GPT Critique:

Clarity and Coherence: The blog post can sometimes feel disjointed, with abrupt transitions between topics. For better coherence, each section should logically flow into the next, building upon the previous points.

Defining Terms: While your blog post uses terms like “transformers,” “diffusers,” and “multimodal,” not all readers may be familiar with these. Definitions or brief explanations can make your post more accessible.

5.3 Yay! I am finally doing this!! This blog IS disjointed.. but I will improve!


-Mars Eve