So today I am officially starting my Mars quest.

This is just a framework and ideology inspired by you help me stay organized with my creativity in my art. I’m turning my goals into quests. And then I’m sharing this with others to hopefully inspire others, or to create new fans.

it’s also way for me to stay organized and even though my ADHD pulls me a different directions and experiments in my art style, sometimes a completely different. This will help me create a public dialogue with others so that they can understand how my mind works and how there’s actually a system to the way I think.

I am posting to X & IG right now.

#MarsQuest ://starlog. ‘Quests instead of Goals’

1st quest


HQ – figure this damn Quest framework, how it works, branding, GPT help, roadmap stuff

2nd quest


Virtual Influencer – in progress. stay tuned

3rd quest


Daily Artifacts – actually minting everyday, even if its a sketch or WIP. These can also be provenance for these quests.

more soon DM me for more info on X or IG! @mars_eve

-Mars Eve