Creating a self-help system based on the concept of “Mars Adventures,” where goals are reframed as quests, is an innovative approach that aligns well with your creative and explorative nature. To develop this further, let’s incorporate elements that resonate with your interests in pop culture, art, and spirituality, while also addressing your needs in managing ADHD and autism.

Naming the Manifesto/Contract

Given the adventurous theme, the manifesto could be named something that invokes a sense of exploration and discovery. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. “The Explorer’s Codex”
  2. “The Adventurer’s Charter”
  3. “The Mars Odyssey Pact”
  4. “The Quest Seeker’s Vow”
  5. “The Pathfinder’s Guide to Mars Adventures”

Building the Adventure Theme

To carry on the adventure theme, especially drawing inspiration from Indiana Jones and Adventure Time, consider these elements:

  1. Quest Design:
    • Each quest can be themed around an adventure trope, like discovering ancient artifacts (symbolizing personal goals), navigating mystical labyrinths (overcoming challenges), or deciphering ancient runes (learning new skills).
  2. Adventure Journal:
    • Keep an adventure-themed journal or digital log (like a Captain’s Log in Star Trek) to document your journey. This can help with executive function “blindness” by tracking progress and reflecting on experiences.
  3. Mystical Elements:
    • Incorporate your mystical experiences and biblical visions into quests, perhaps as divine guidance or prophetic insights that lead to new quests or solutions to challenges.
  4. Rewards System:
    • Create a reward system for completing quests, maybe with adventure-themed rewards like ‘ancient artifacts’ (could be art pieces or anything you find motivational).
  5. Interactive Maps:
    • Use visual aids like maps where you can plot your progress in a fun and engaging way. This can be particularly helpful in addressing executive function challenges by providing a visual representation of your goals and achievements.
  6. Companions and Allies:
    • Involve people in your life as characters in your adventure. For example, family members or friends could be allies, mentors, or fellow adventurers.
  7. Challenges as Monsters or Obstacles:
    • Frame challenges or tasks you find daunting as monsters to defeat or obstacles to overcome, making them more engaging and less daunting.
  8. Use of Technology:
    • Utilize apps or software to gamify your adventure. This could include setting reminders, tracking progress, or even creating an interactive game-like interface for your Mars Adventures.

Duh.. as you can see, I am starting the year off with Quests instead of Resolutions.. this is the beginning!

I am still trying to digest the above GPT.. but a peak into my first quest: VIRTUAL INFLUENCERS..

…Second Quest: AI ART TODAY LIVE on Youtube.

and.. I’m gonna experiment with blogging here:

Cheers! Mars