This post is also an experiment documented here:

I needed a graphic for my first NFT Notes post.
I thought, why not make the graphic a NFT?
Why not put the blog post in the Opensea listing?

I have thought about blogging through OpenSea’s marketplace before, but I couldn’t get a coherent text & video pairing; I also have to limit my text to OpenSea’s text discription limitation.
Link to first NFT Notes on OpenSea:

Link to first NFT Notes on ArtNFTExpert:

I am also inspired by REDLIONEYE GAZETTE
They sell their NFT news journal via NFTs by selling wonderfully animated covers.

NFT Notes is unique > I am blogging directly through OpenSea’s Marketplace.

Technically I am not placing my post on the blockchain, but my graphic for the post becomes the NFT. The post resides in OpenSea’s metadata. So, I am using OpenSea as my blogging platform.

The fist time I blogged on the blockchain was on Steemit in 2016:

I’m not sure if I am the first to blog on OpenSea? If you know of other blogs on marketplaces…let me know!
If I am the first… the provenance of the blockchain will reveal.

There a couple of projects brewing on Arweave that will create a permanent blog! &

I will also be posting my ideas and observations on my site I will also link to the NFT here for support.

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