Matic/Polygon is an Ethereum side-chain. I am minting and giving NFTs for the cost of micro-pennies.
Gas fees on Matic: 0.00027(0.00016 USD)
My first collection I have been gifting is already showing up in Opensea:

BUT – my NFTs are still Matic based. They can only be bought with Matic coin.
However, if I gift my NFTs, they will still transfer to another’s Metamask because Matic is a side chain of Ethereum! This is also why it automatically gets listed on Opensea.
(once the Matic Network is added to Metamask, it inherits the Metamask ETH address)

Why make NFTs to give away?
Marketing. Giving Economy. Nobody on Ethereum can afford it: Gas fees to simply give away an NFT can be $30-$400

It is a PAIN IN THE ASS to get Matic. They have NOT made the process easy yet. Also, because it requires a ETH transfer, there is an average $20 gas fee to transfer Matic from ETH.
The only way to buy your NFT is with Matic.
To transfer your NFT into an ETH state, that can be resold via ETH, requires ETH gas fees… but supposedly there is a batch transfer.(I have NOT investigated this)
Even though the NFTs appear in Opensea, they cannot be bought and sold YET. There is a beta matic.opensea.

You can mint 1000 copies of an NFT for less than a penny.
You can give NFTs that show up in OpenSea for viewing.
Eventually Opesea will make Matic transfers and purchases possible.
It is a great way to practice the NFT process without going broke.
Matic NFTs are Metamask compatible, unlike Tezos, Wax….

First you need to connect your Metamask to the Matic Network.
Then transfer ETH to Matic(expect a $20 fee).

TIP! Before making Matic transactions, make sure you choose the Matic Network in Metamask first. You have to switch back and forth to make Matic transactions vs ETH. (your Metamask address is the same for ETH and Matic)

Once you have Matic, I suggest using to mint/sell/give.
I used Polygon’s native Arkane marketplace, BUT it had limited options.

If you have problems getting Matic, DM me.

My experiment so far: For the first collection, I am gave 19 out of 20 away, & listing 1 for sale(even though its Matic). For furure collections, I will give away all except 1 for sale.

Cheers! Mars

Mars Eve NFT
Mars Eve NFT